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Ross Robertson

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Meet the Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Guides Pro Team

Ross Robertson - Toledo, OH

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Big Water Guide Service With a passion for fishing, Robertson's travels have taken him from Western Europe to the Arctic Circle chasing fins and gills. Spending nearly two decades fishing all of the Great Lakes, particularly L. Erie, has allowed Robertson to become a well-versed angler. This is especially true with his trolling and open water arsenal. His fishing career has him wearing many hats; boat sales, guiding, TV and magazine, seminars and tournaments. This has allowed Robertson to amass a record with more than 75% of his finishes in the top ten. He has experience with circuits including: FLW, MWC, LEWT, NBAA, MWT, as well as numerous open events. He credits time on the water and mentoring from legendary anglers including, but not limited to, Dave Hanson, Gary Roach, and Jim Fofrich.

Matt Davis - Marion, OH

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Matt Davis of Big Water Guide Service Matt's passion for fishing has spanned more than thirty years. Today Matt passion is in fishing tournaments, fishing promotions, as the LEWT tournament director, and things as simple as helping people get introduced to fishing. While tournaments have taken him across the country he considers the Great Lakes his home and true love. With a incredible tournament record, Matt and partner Dan Gies brought it all together in 2009 when they won not only Team of the Year, but also the MWC Championship.

Bob Devine - Windsor, ON

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Bob Devine of Big Water Guide Service An all-around fishing machine is the best way to describe Bobby. As a guide, Devine chases muskies, walleyes and even bass all round the Great Lakes region. Devine has had tournament success with several circuits such as the MWC, MWT, and various Canadian open events. In this time, he has racked up numerous top 10's, including 2008 runner-up Team-of-the-Year. In addition Devine has done extensive work with both TV and as an outdoor writer in Canada.

Gregg Gallagher - Fremont, OH

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Gregg Gallagher of Big Water Guide Service As a teacher, coach, and mentor, Gregg has shared his passion for fishing with the youth in his community for many years. Gallagher, along with his son Grant, fishes Lake Erie and its tributaries year-round chasing walleye and smallmouth bass. The father-son duo love pursuing trophy walleyes and have landed numerous walleyes between ten and fifteen pounds. His time in the fishing industry has included selling fishing boats, competing in tournaments, working for a local fishing lure manufacturer and spending countless hours fishing with Lake Erie tournament anglers.

Dan Gies - Huron, OH

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Dan Gies of Big Water Guide Service While known to many as a very good troller, Dan's versatility has been witnessed with his consistent finishes in the MWC circuit. Over the last few years, Gies has racked up more than a dozen top tens and has had three top-ten finishes in three Championship appearances. When not fishing tournaments, Gies can be found pleasure fishing on L. Erie, giving seminars and working boat shows in the winter. In addition, he spends time working with various programs to get young people involved with fishing.

John Gillman - Freeland, MI

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - John Gillman of Big Water Guide Service Known to many as the "Spinner Guru", Gillman is a master of Great Lakes walleyes. This has not stopped him from chasing everything from steelhead to muskies when he is on the water. In the last decade, Gillman has racked up more than two dozen top tens. In 2004, he was very proud to have earned the PWT Eastern division Angler-of-the-Year title. Over the years, Gillman has had this success on circuits such as the PWT, FLW, MWC, MWT, and several open events. Gillman also lends his time to many boats shows, TV work, magazines, seminars and kids' fishing events throughout the year.

Bob Henton - Spartansburg, PA

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Bob Henton of Big Water Guide Service Many things have changed since Henton caught his first walleye nearly thirty years ago. Growing up, he spent most of his time fishing small Pennsylvania and Ohio reservoirs for walleye. In the last decade, Henton has spent the bulk of his time fishing the Great lakes in order to fish tournaments and chase monster walleyes. He has had tournament success with the FLW, MWC, MWT, and many open events.

Todd Koehler - Lapeer, MI

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Fishing - Todd Koehler of Big Water Guide Service While a very versatile and widely known bass angler, Todd is mainly recognized for his Great lakes bass fishing. His 25 plus years experience has allowed him to have success in circuits such as Redman, Everstart, Stren, BFL, Tri-State, NBAA, Anglers Choice, and The Canadian Open, just to mention a few. In this time, he has racked up more than 50 top tens, 25 team wins and 10 major wins. Koehler credits several people with his success, including his dad, who always had time to take him fishing as a child, and later in life, David Fritts, who improved his knowledge of electronics and reading the water.